David and Daniela present informative and in-depth commentaries on a wide range of topics from the jewellery and gemstone world, past and present.


Diamonds from the collection of the ‘Queen of Kept Women’

A magical diamond

A sensational and unusual necklace of hardstone cameos

An impressive sapphire and diamond brooch/pendant, circa 1910

A glamorous transformation

A passion for aquamarines

The unique style of Daisy Fellowes

Byzantium revisted

A much travelled Imperial tiara

Diamonds from Royal mistresses | The Fitzherbert jewels

A Belle Époque tour de force

An unusual and distinctive colour combination

The Remarkable Roxburghe Rubies

An Art Nouveau masterpiece

Retro jewels – created for the challenging 1940s and inspired by Art Deco designs

New to the online Understanding Jewellery: Parisian innovation – Raymond Templier’s white gold and diamond bangle

Sold – Fannière Frères’ inspirational history lesson

Brave New World: developments in design from the Post War era to the 1970s

An Archaeological Revival tour de force

Sold – A reminder of the splendour of the Golden Age

The Arts & Crafts Movement: exponents, ethos and evolution

The enduring appeal of the tiara | Part IV – Into the 20th century: the Garland Style, bandeaux and the return to vintage designs

Cartier’s role in the expression of the Indian influence

Empress Joséphine’s enigmatic sapphires

The enduring appeal of the tiara | Part III – The influences of Romaticism, naturalism and Imperial Russia

Art Deco’s fascination with Ancient Egypt

The enduring appeal of the tiara | Part II – Developments in design to the Napoleonic period

The enduring appeal of the tiara | Part I – Early sightings: from Mesopotamia to Republican Rome

David explores the cult of the 100 carat diamond

David and Daniela’s guide to collecting antique jewellery

Daniela describes a special Christmas tradition

David recalls the remarkable Sunrise Ruby

The journey from Art Moderne to Art Deco

Daniela shares her passion for antique and vintage jewels

David discusses the legendary Beau Sancy diamond

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