Fura Gems' Estrela de Fura comes to auction in New York on 8 June


Last September in Dubai Fura Gems unveiled a truly remarkable gemstone – the Estrela de Fura – weighing in at 101 carats, the largest gem-quality rough ruby ever discovered. It had been unearthed some two months earlier at the Fura Gems’ Montepuez mine in Mozambique. At the time of its Dubai presentation Adolf Peretti, Owner and CEO of GRS GemResearch Swisslab, said that Estrela de Fura ‘…provides the potential to achieve the new world record…with a size of over 50 carats once it goes through the final cutting process’.

Last year David introduced the rough ruby in the Understanding Jewellery article and accompanying video – ‘An exceptional ruby: Estrela de Fura’ | Browse the article here

Estrela de Fura has now been transformed into a magnificent 55.22 carat cushion-shaped ruby possessing an astounding vivid red colour and with exceptional clarity. After a series of studies to determine optimal weight, shape and orientation, the ruby was cut and polished in Bangkok by Master Gem Cutter Chirapat. Next week, on 8 June, Estrela de Fura will be offered in the Sotheby’s New York auction of Magnificent Jewels.


As Estrela de Fura is about to take the spotlight in New York, Fura Gems chronicles the story of the ruby in an exciting new video. David is delighted to give his appreciation of the gem stone as a member of the team of gem experts and specialists assembled to provide advice in guiding Estrela de Fura’s journey from rough to an incomparable cut and polished stone.