An exceptional ruby: Estrela de Fura

Fura Gems unveiled a truly outstanding 101 carat ruby in Dubai this September causing much excitement internationally.

Discovered in their mines in Mozambique, it was billed as the largest gem-quality rough ruby ever discovered.

David was very honoured and absolutely delighted to be invited to view this extraordinary stone in Dubai shortly after – particularly so as rubies are his favourite gemstone. And, in the following video David shares his thoughts on Estrela de Fura.



Adolf Peretti, Owner and CEO of GRS GemResearch Swisslab, noted:

This ruby shows characteristics normally encountered only in the classical Mogok mines of Burma. It possesses a fluorescence and vivid red color and even excels in its excellent clarity…. Estrela de Fura provides the potential to achieve the new world record of being the finest gem-quality ruby ever found, with a size of over 50 carats once it goes through the final cutting process.

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One Century Found: Estrela de Fura