LIVE STREAM lecture course with Understanding Jewellery | The Crowned and Uncrowned Jewels


David and Daniela present a comprehensive two day online lecture course.

Our lectures will include:

– An introduction to the Crown Jewels
We will explore the history of this unique group of jewels known and seen throughout the world through the nation’s pageantry and ceremonial events
– The symbolism of the gemstones of the Crown Jewels
We deconstruct the Crown Jewels to discover the significance of their diamonds and gemstones
– Queen Elizabeth II’s personal jewellery collection
We discover the special jewels worn on special state occasions and at private family gatherings
– Chosen by a King: the splendid jewels of the Duchess of Windsor 
We reveal the unique collaboration between the Duke of Windsor and Paris’ finest Maisons leading to the creation of a collection of highly imaginative, ground breaking jewels

The classes will take place exclusively live online.


New course dates will be announced soon

Cost: £500 per person | Discounts are available for bookings of 5 people or more

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