Goldsmiths' Fair | 2021

The 2021 Goldsmiths’ Fair is this year once again a physical event taking place in the familiar surroundings of Goldsmiths’ Hall, the Grade I listed building just two minutes from St Paul’s Cathedral.

The spectacular interior of Goldsmiths' Hall

Over 130 designer-makers participate in the Fair – a combination of established and emerging talents working across the UK, as well as recent graduates. The Goldsmiths’ Company has supported gold and silversmiths for close to 700 years, the Company is one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London and received its Royal Charter in 1327.

Kayo Saito, ripple gold necklace, 2021, 18ct gold

Nature and the natural world have always been a source of inspiration for artists and makers however this year the work of many of the jewellers indicates a closer focus on the environment. The tiniest details of blossoms and leaves are replicated in fine gold by Kayo Saito, Ruth Tomlinson’s pieces are inspired by underwater worlds and sea creatures and Fred Rich’s Moth pins in micro cloisonné enamel pay tribute to the rich colour palette and intriguing patterns to be discovered in this often overlooked species.

Left: Ruth Tomlinson, Tourmaline, Sapphire and Topaz Cluster Drop Earrings, in 18ct yellow gold | Right: Fred Rich, Moth jacket pins: Peach Blossom, Dark Crimson Underwing and Cream Spotted Tiger; in silver, 22 & 18ct yellow gold and micro cloisonné enamel

Alongside the Fair an exhibition, Rings: A World of Invention, drawn from the Goldsmiths’ Collection looks at the history of the ring with an emphasis on the 1960s when designs benefitted from the influence of the international scene which emerged at the end of World War II, leading to an expansion in the skillbase in conjunction with the adoption of novel techniques and the use of modern materials. The work of three major designers, Dorothy Hogg, Wendy Ramshaw and Gerda Flockinger is showcased here.

Gerda Flöckinger, left to right: Ring, c. 1965, silver with initials G.F on small disc inside the hoop, (unmarked), oxidised and set with one pearl; Ring, 1971, wide fused hoop of silver open circlets and wires set with a large ball of oxidised silver, both hoop and bezel set with five cultured pearls and 18ct gold grains, with initials G.F inside the hoop; Ring, c. 1967, oxidised silver with tiny gold grains on the front and one on the back of the bezel, set with opal and turquoise inlay, unmarked but with her 'tulip mark' and G.F incised inside the hoop

The Fair is open until 10th October, to find out more visit the Goldsmiths’ Fair site here

Wendy Ramshaw, left to right: 'The Bow Ring' ringset, 8 part, 1975, 18ct gold, white and red enamel; Ringset, 15 part, 1972, 18ct gold, chrysoprase, amethyst, agate and tourmaline; Ringset, 6 part, 1971, 9ct gold, cabochon green and blue agate and green enamel

‘based on the arrangement of a series of very simple abstract shapes which have come together in varying combinations, scales and relationships’

Wendy Ramshaw describing her ringsets