Introducing Patrick Flückiger: the founder of Swiss Pearls

Dealer in fine gemstones, rare pearls and period jewels, a natural pearl expert and a philanthropist.

Patrick’s life could be turned into an exciting adventure movie.

His passion for the sea led him first to become a scuba diving instructor, and this took him to some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world. His natural curiosity and passion for discovering new things inspired him to explore and study the oceans’ treasures: shells, molluscs and, inevitably, pearls.

In 2006 Patrick founded his company, Swiss Pearls, specialising in pearls, both cultured and natural, as well as old, rare and historical pearls.

Patrick personally experiences the whole process of the pearl sourcing business, from diving and searching for pearls to designing and producing unique jewellery creations. This approach was soon to establish his name for pearl expertise, while his Geneva-based company Swiss Pearls became one of the finest dealers in the market.

Constantly developing and expanding, today Swiss Pearls deals also in precious stones, old-cut diamonds, antique jewellery and vintage watches.

Besides extensive travelling for his business to visit international jewellery fairs, auction viewings, gem mines and clients, Patrick is a lot more than a successful businessman, he also supports numerous NGOs in the fields of ecology and humanitarian aid. Patrick also volunteers in a local bio ‘zero-waste’ store and produces his own oil from beech trees growing in local forests, thus promoting sustainable consumption. He is actively involved in philanthropic projects, with particular emphasis on the issues around climate change and the current state of the oceans.

We are excited to see where his next ventures will take him, and, without doubt, Patrick will surprise us.