An exceptional emerald, set in a platinum and baguette diamond ring, signed Cartier

We find this stone particularly appealing.

It has a lovely rich green-grass colour which we associated with the best stones from the Muzo mine in Colombia, historically the source of the finest emeralds since the 16th century.

The colour is also characteristic, in our opinion, of the coveted emeralds know as ‘old mine’ an epithet used by Gem specialists to denote a particular and fine type of material which the mine no longer produces.

The emerald weighs 14.659 carats, but because it has a relatively shallow pavilion the stone is ‘well spread’ and appears to weigh more.

In any case, 14 carats is, in our opinion, an ideal weight for a ring stone and it sits nicely on the finger, particularly in this classic, elegant mount.

The emerald has a good crystallisation and is remarkably ‘clean’ to the naked eye which is exceptional. We particularly like the rounded corners and overall shape of the stone.

The emerald is accompanied by two gemmological reports: the Gübelin report states that no clarity enhancement was detected at the time of testing, and the SSEF report states that a ‘minor’ amount of oil had been detected in microscopic fissures.

Both laboratories agree that the stone is from Colombia.

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