A Victorian gold bracelet featuring a Head of Bacchus in bloodstone

This is a stunning bracelet and one that we both admire and covet.

Thc cameo was carved and signed by the French sculptor and gem engraver Henri Auguste Burdy around 1880.

We love the powerful expression on the face of the God of Wine and Revelry and the flat interlaced scroll motifs of the gold and diamond bangle, reminiscent of the carving on the sides of a Roman sarcophagus of the 1st century AD.

Although not strictly speaking in archaeological revival style, this jewel is charged with references to antiquity that would have been familiar to a culturally sophisticated élite clientele of the day.


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Further details:
Victorian gold and hardstone bracelet circa 1880, set to the centre with a carved piece of bloodstone by Henri Burdy in the form of Bacchus, his face with thick curled beard and moustache crowned with a wreath of vine leaves and bunches of grapes, the bracelet of finely pierced gold in an undulating scroll pattern, embellished to each side of the head with scrolls of rose-cut diamonds, with concealed hinged opening to the side

Origin: France, Paris

Gemstones and other materials:
carved bloodstone – 42.0 x 32.0mm, signed Burdy on the back; 69 rose-cut diamonds estimated to weigh a combined total of approximately 1.2cts | Dimensions: inner circumference – 7 inches or 178.0mm approximately


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