A delightful diamond brooch by Pierre Sterlé, circa 1960

As seen in this fabulous brooch, one of the defining motifs in Sterlé's designs of the period was a cascade of differently cut diamonds.

The diamonds, all mounted in highly articulated settings, play off the different dispersion characteristics of the cutting styles of the stones.

This juxtapositioning of stones was to have a recognisable influence on the ‘look’ of so many Haute Joaillerie creations of the 1960s produced in Paris, London and New York.

Although the brooch is signed, nevertheless, in our opinion the hand of the designer is in any case instantly recognisable.

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Further details:
An articulated diamond brooch, 1955-1965

Designed as a cascade of articulated diamonds, set with channels of baguette diamonds to one side and articulated lines of brilliant-cut stones to the other

Signed Sterlé Paris, numbered 1299, French assay marks

Accompanied by nine GIA certificates detailing the colour and clarity of the larger stones

Dimensions: 7.5cm high and 3cm wide



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