Tour - Noble and Royal Jewels: The Treasures of London

David and Daniela guide you through London’s magnificent jewellery collections accompanied by illuminating classes to set the scene


Daniela and David will present a wide-ranging and comprehensive programme of lectures throughout the week, and a selection of these are as follows:
An introduction to the Crown Jewels: we explore the history and symbolism of this unique group of jewels famed throughout the world
Queen Elizabeth II’s personal jewellery collection: we discover the special jewels worn by the monarch on state occasions and at private events
The eclecticism of Victorian jewellery: the long reign of Queen Victoria witnessed many developments in jewellery style and design, with the age of the machine aiding the production of a wide variety of jewels for every occasion
Chosen by a King: the splendid jewels of the Duchess of Windsor – we reveal the unique collaboration between the Duke and Paris’ finest ateliers resulting in highly imaginative and glorious jewels which adorned his Duchess

Our classes take place at the Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall. The Athenaeum is one of London’s most prestigious and respected clubs.

Founded in 1824, the Athenaeum is a meeting place for artists, writers and scientists; uniquely at the time of its founding members were elected according to their own individual achievements. The club looks out over Waterloo Place, and its Grecian exterior features a statue of Athena and a frieze based on designs seen at the Parthenon. The interiors follow classical taste characterised by unity, simplicity and proportion in the style of the Grecian manner.

We will also visit important jewellery collections:

– The Crown Jewels at The Tower of London:
We will visit the world-famous and unique collection of sacred and ceremonial objects

– The Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington:
The V&A Museum has one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of jewellery in the world, over 3,000 jewels trace the story of European jewellery from ancient times to the present day.
We will focus on highlights from the collection with noble and royal provenance

Our guests will also have the opportunity to view and handle antique and vintage jewellery with London’s leading dealers and at major auction houses.


Selected meals and refreshments, transport, lectures and entry to all attractions in London are included in the total cost.

The tour will accommodate 12 guests.

Price per person: £2,800

Please note that the tour and itinerary as set out here are subject to change.

For all queries and for a full itinerary, contact us: