Pair of Art Deco candelabra made by Robert Linzeler for Cartier, Paris, circa 1930

We admire the strong and powerful form of this outstanding pair of candelabra made by Robert Linzeler for Cartier in 1930, showing more than a nod to architectural motifs of the period.

We are particularly reminded of elements of the Stazione Centrale, Milan, designed by Ulisse Stacchini and inaugurated in 1931.

The facade of Stazione Centrale, Milan, as seen in a contemporary postcard

The use of crystal in the columns is in our opinion a master stroke as is the delightful red enamel boss suggesting a coral cabochon, while the ziggurat inspired foot demonstrates eclecticism and a taste for the exotic.

These are very chic and luxurious objects destined to grace an elegant dining setting.


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Further details:
A pair of candelabra each composed of two candle cups surmounting stepped forms of concentric circles connected by silver arms to a central post of black lacquer and cut glass topped by a red-lacquer sugarloaf imitating coral, the base of silver with decorative channels enhancing the curved form; mounted in sterling silver, with assay marks

Signed Cartier, Made in France, stamped RL for Robert Linzeler

Dimensions, each: 9 x 2 1/2 x 9 3/4 inches / 22.9 x 6.4 x 24.8cm


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